10 free ways to create picture quotes when graphic design isn’t your thing

Quote Alvin Toffler think about big small thingsNoticed how popular those quotes added to some form of background or picture have become? You’ve GOT to have pictures for Pinterest (no duh, eh? Smile). Facebook posts with pictures perform better than ones without them and including a picture in your blog posts is a great way to build traffic and interest too.

Some people call them graphic quotes.

Some call them picture graphics.

Some call them image quotes.

Regardless, they’re all the same thing!

Not a graphic designer and still want to have some hot looking stuff?

The challenge? If you’re not a graphic designer, you’re likely probably not too interested  in learning something like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements or Gimp or any of those (let alone paying the HUGE price tag for Photoshop and some of the other graphics tools). Yes, there are some free alternatives to Photoshop and you STILL need to understand the language of the experts to doing something simple like add your favorite quote to a background and get on to other stuff.

The downside? Many of these tools put their name on their image on limit the backgrounds and font choices.

AND they still rock for! Give one or more of them a whirl and share your thoughts and results in the comments!

(oh, and this one was created with Quozio.com)

Share away!

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