Are you SURE it’s cheaper to do everything yourself?

Itty Bitty Biz Tips Calculate The Cost Of Doing Things YourselfWhen you’re a dedicated Business Owner…whether you call yourself an entrepreneur or a coach, speaker or consultant…it often seems easier, and less expensive, to “just” do things yourself, eh?

Boy, howdy, do I know that one! Since I’ve been doing this biz and techie stuff for eons, I figure “oh well, I’ll just do it ‘cuz I don’t have the money to pay someone right now.”

Big. Big. BIG mistake. Why?

‘Cuz if you’re trying to do everything, especially those things you don’t have the skills for or that frustrate the hell out of ya, you’re NOT doing the things ONLY YOU can do and only you are meant to do.

But Mama, I hear ya saying, I don’t have the money to hire it done. I don’t even have a shoestring budget!

So how about some creativity … maybe there is a college kiddo who could use a hand with a resume and your needs are exactly what will help her land HER job of her dreams?

Maybe there is someone you could trade with?

Maybe there is a high school youngin’ lookin’ for something kewl to do and your job is it!

Sit down, sooner rather than later, and calculate up the cost of you doing everything. I’m bettin’ you’ll find it’s a lot more expensive than you ever dreamed (I know it was for me!).

Do share in the comments your challenges with getting it all done? Or how about sharing a solution you’ve found? Would LOVE to hear about it.


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