Business Strategy: How do you pick the RIGHT business model, for you?

Business Strategy: Which Business Model Is Right For Me?Whether you’re brand new to turning what you love into a business venture, or you’ve been at it for a while, there are a bunch of questions to answer to make sure you’re working smarter, not harder. And believe me, they aren’t things like…

  • Should I use WordPress or Joomla or DingleDoodle? (What, did we develop a new language while I wasn’t looking!)
  • Should I use Facebook? Google+? Pinterest? Twitter? LinkedIn? Something else?
  • Should I buy Goo-Ruu X’s blueprint?
  • Should I buy Goo-Ruu Y’s Kindle toolemebobby thang?
  • How about a blog? Do I need one? How do I create one? Where do I get the content?
  • What about that tool that gets me “ranked on the first page of Google (and why do I give a hoot)?
  • and any of the million other questions that pop up when you’re trying to get a business built and attract the perfect clients to you and what you do

Don’t start with “hows”

See those are all “hows” that will drive you to drink in a heartbeat, or even faster, if you’re not clear on what you’re doing, who’re you’re offering it to and what drives you!

Once you’ve answered the core questions (see here for a list of questions to get you started), you can move on to the next question:

What kind of business do I want to run? Create? Use to make a kick-ass difference in my bank account, my life and the world?

Heck after answering these questions, you may decide running a business based on what you love isn’t what you want to do anymore…and you know what? That’s awesome information and awesome news for your budget.

Better to learn this now before you do what I, and thousands of others have done: get deep in debt without understanding what it means to turn your passion into a business!

So, let’s assume you’re still interested in doing what you love to create the lifestyle you deserve.

What’s next?

More questions! (You’re not surprised, right?)

Remember, I’m not about this one-size-fits-all solution crap. There is one fits you, your unique gifts and talents and vision, BEST! Not what someone else says you must do or you’ll “fail.”

So what are some options for creating a business model you love? How about answering these questions:

  • Do you like to speak to people? Be out front, front and center, for all to see and admire?
    Then speaking at events is a great business model for you.  If you curl up in a fetal position and suck your thumb at the mere thought of standing at the front of the room, this isn’t the best choice for you (no matter how many goo-ruu’s INSIST that everyone make money by going to and having events)!
  • Do you love to talk, but don’t want to get out of your PJs and favorite chair?
    Then using teleseminars (having multiple people call a specifica telephone number) and webinars (similar to teleseminars except there are visuals too) could be a great way for you to keep your message front and center and leverage what you love doing.
  • Rather write and not talk to people? Awesome, there’s an option for you too (this is where all the fancy schmancy technology has it’s good points)
    How about creating a blog and sharing it? An ebook (in one of many many formats…don’t focus on that quite yet tho)? Or a series of ebooks that start at the beginning and keep building?
  • Love to train others and want the bennies of staying in PJs in your home office?
    How about a series of training classes, delivered using your telephone or internet connection?
  • Been told you “Must” write a book to be a success and writing brings back horrible memories of your 3rd grade teacher and her infamous red pen?
    What if you recorded the book? Or what if a book as you knew it isn’t a requirement any more (yeah, most of us hear “book” and think 100s of pages with page numbers, contents and an index)? What if you could jot down a series of your best tips for whatever you do and turn it into one of the seemingly gazillion formats for books these days?
  • What about selling someone else’s product if you don’t have, or don’t want to create, one of your own? (That’s called affiliate marketing by the way.)
  • Do you like working with groups or individuals? Or both?
    You can create 1-on-1 coaching/consulting programs and deliver them from the comfort of your office. Or you could do the same for groups of people (small or large) using the wild and woolly world of the Internet.
  • what else do YOU like doing that can be custom fitted to suit you?

These are a few of the questions, and possibilities for building your bank account and making a kick-ass impact in the world. The combinations are practically endless, so it’s a matter of finding the perfect combination for YOU.

When I do 1-on-1 consults with clients, we go through the possibilities first and then find the next do-able step that works, for them.

THEN, and only then, do we start looking at systems and technology and tools and all that jazz.


Because then my answer is no longer “it depends” and becomes “how about we…”

How about you? What business model works best for you, the lifestyle YOU want? The type of business YOU want?

Got questions about what’s best for you? I would LOVE to learn more about you so I can help you take the next do-able step forward. Sign up for your complimentary 24-minute Tame TheBeasties Rendezvous and let’s get you moving forward, right NOW. And yes, there is a TON we can figure out in 24 minutes. Promise.

Do share your thoughts and comments below. I’m listening.

To more laughs (and less cussing) as you build your bank account and transform lives.

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