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Business Strategy Question #06: What is your story?

Business Strategy Question #6: What's Your Story?

There are 10 essential questions to ask before you start buying, renting or using “whatever” tools you’ve found or have been told to use. And this is #6…What’s your story?Most people don’t give a crap about your credentials or your “what”…they care about what has happened to you, why you do what you do and how you got from “there” to “here.” Your story!

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Business Strategy Question #05: What do you value?

Business Strategy Question #5: What Do You Value?

There are 10 essential questions to ask before you start buying, renting or using “whatever” tools you’ve found or have been told to use. And this is #5…what do you VALUE? Why is that important? Because being in business is a partnership, between you and your client, between you and YOU and between you and those you work with. If you don’t have the same values, you’re going to flounder and be miserable. Not a good thing, right?

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Business Strategy Question #04: Who is your WHO?

Business Strategy Question 4: Who Is Your Ideal Client?

It’s ever so easy, when you believe deeply in what you do, to think “everyone” is your who. And technically, you’re right. And it doesn’t mean that everyone is your ideal client. The one willing to pay you and listen to you. So get clear on your who, your ideal client, your perfect guest, before you waste a ton of time and money creating products and services. Promise, you’ll save a ton of time, money and headaches!

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Business Strategy Question #03: What is your big WHY?

Business Strategy Question 3: Whats Your Why

Your big why is an essential part of you getting kick-a$$ clear on what you’re going to do in and for your business. It is the underlying driver. It is what gets you out of bed when you don’t want to get out of bed. It is what propels you forward, to try. Again. And Again. Get clear on this before you start creating a business plan or picking ANY tools, technologies, programs or services. Yes, it’s THAT important!

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Business Strategy Question #02: Who Are You?

Business Strategy Question 2: Who Are You?

Your business is a unique recipe for success, just like you. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to the “Right” business strategy, tools and techniques. So when you ask, and answer the questions first, you can create something that tastes ever so nummee and reach the people waiting for exactly what you offer.

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List building tip: Make sure you have a way for your fans to connect with what you do

Wordpress Tip Make Sure You Add an Opt in Box to your Site

Sometimes it seems like there is so much to do to be in business, eh? The to-do list gets bigger, the frustration higher. Egads! And take it one do-able step at a time. A top priority is giving people a way to connect with you from your website or blog. So don’t forget to create a way for someone to share their precious info with you…use an opt in box (aka webform) to share something with them when they do. If you don’t have fancy schmancy stuff, start with some tips, then keep building.

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Charge what you’re worth or use your passion as a hobby

Business Tips From MamaRed Charge What You're Worth

You deserve to have happiness. You deserve to do what you love. And you DESERVE to make a living doing what you love. And first, listen up darlin, you MUST charge what you’re worth or let that passion of yours be a hobby. If you don’t, you’ll end up broke, living under a bridge and wondering what the hell happened.

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What the heck IS a backend anyway?

Definition What is a Sexy Backend

What? A “backend” for your business? Every business has a backend…it’s all the strategy, systems, process, and automation that is behind-the-scenes. The front-facing stuff like meetings and coaching and products sharing…that’s what most of us think as “sexy!” AND when you build a sexy backend for your business you’ll have lots more time to do the stuff you love and have the things running like a well-oiled machine.

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