MamaRed’s Content Throwdown with Wendy Jones

Got something to share with the world? Of course you do!

Sharing it as part of a business?

Then you know the almost endless ways you're "supposed" to build your bank account, become the guru of the century and transform lives.

And if you're bootstrapping your way to success, well now, THERE's the recipe for overwhelm, eh?

Listen in on The ContentThrowdown™ with Wendy and discover how she got out of overwhelm and moving forward, in just a few hours, with her next do-able step. She reported back that she was able to easily complete her task and is now moving forward.

Listen to her challenges and put what you hear to use for you! You'll discover at least 21 ways to repurpose what you already know or already have...a few characters at a time. It's possible.

Wendy Jones

Call Length: 30 mins

Meet Wendy

Wendy Jones is a Spiritual Healer and Life Coach with unique gifts to share with the world who chose to turn those gifts into a business in 2012.

She knows she needs content to share in marketing materials, on social media and to turn into products and programs. She is ready to share her message in a way that builds her bank account (she's really NOT interested in living under a bridge), increases profits and reaches those who are starving for her tastee tidbits and special recipes for creating a life worth living?

The challenge

She absolutely loves what she does and trying to figure out all the ways she is "supposed" to get clients and keep up with the endless demands of The ContentBeastie™ is wearing her ass out. She ends up not having time for clients because of all the other stuff she's doing as a solopreneur.

The goal...

Help Wendy get her message out in a bigger, do-able way so she gets to live the life she wants to AND makes a kick-ass difference in the world.

Keys to finding a solution

Understanding Wendy's overall vision for her business, who she wants to work with, where she is now and what type of content (text, image, audio or video) is easiest to create, regardless of what some goo-ruu says is the "best" way.

Her first assignment

Since text was is the easiest way for her to create content, she agreed to write down some bits of wisdom ... index cards are great...that are a maximum of 3 sentences long.

3 ways to quickly triple where your content goes to work for you.

  1. Create a series of 1-3 sentence tips your guests are hungering for (120 is a great size to tweet...hint hint)
  2. Put the tips on an image you like or create one that matches your branding (no, you don't have to be a graphic artist, try using presentation software for this)
  3. Add that image to a block post and share your goodies with the world. 

What did you discover?

Share your ah has and next do-able step in the comments section.

Share away!

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