How to cook up an information product like you would a great meal

Creating Information Products Is Like Creating a Tasty MealMy biggest passion is helping those with a message get it to those who need it. And theory doesn’t always cut it, eh?

Lots of folks tell you to “just do this” and you’ll make a fortune.

Another says “just do that” and you’ll have all the freedom in the world.

Another (oops, I’m on this bandwagon too!) says repurpose your content and you can spend your time hanging out at your favorite spot, drinking your favorite drink and relaxing your life away.

So how come the reality for most business owners is that we’re slaving away, creating more and more content (damn that ContentBeastie™) anyway.

We read that we need audio or video. Reports and giveaways. Live classes and recorded ones.

The list seems neverending and, in many ways, it is.

There’s a better way…although it may seem counterintuitive at first.Beastie-Green-Medium-Transparent-OptimizedGetting strategic AND being legally lazee

There are two important steps to making your content work harder, not YOU.

  1. Get Strategic
     figure out what you already have, and know, and who you want to reach. Then create a big picture view of what you want to do with your content and where it will give you the most bang for your buck. (And, yes, if you’re slaving away at a hot computer 24/7 posting and tweeting and creating new content all the time, that’s the same as money. Even if you don’t write a check for it). The more ways you think of to use that content BEFORE you get to creating, the easier things will be down the road.
  2. Be Intentionally Lazy
    Now that you know what you want to do with your content, and who you want to reach, do an inventory of what you have and what bits (ingredients) are missing. Then ONLY create what’s missing.

You’ve cooked a tasty meal for guests, or had a party?

Then you know all the basics of planning and serving up an nummee information product!

When you decide you’re going to cook up a tasty meal for your family and friends, there are some decisions to make, yes?

For this example, let’s assume you aren’t getting takeout delivered to your door (one of my favorite, admittedly lazy, ways to enjoy my friends and family).

(One other assumption: “product” equals “information product”.)

You decide …

  1. Who you’re going to invite (your “Who” or your “Tribe”)
  2. What dishes you’ll serve (what products you’ll create)
  3. What ingredients you have on hand in your kitchen (what content is already around, somewhere, in some format)
  4. What ingredients you need to pick up at the store (the gap or what you still need to create)
  5. Whether you’ll serve them on the fancy dishes or paper plates (how you’ll deliver, or serve, your products)
  6. What time you’ll have your shindig (what day and date you’ll release your product to the world)
  7. How you’ll invite your family (will you pick up the phone, do a formal invitationsend an email to your list, call folks, do a big honker launch with all the bells and whistles)

With those strategic decisions made, you 

  1. Create a timeline so you know what to do when (same for your products)
  2. Create a guest list with notes on special dietary needs (a description of your tribe and what they want you to help them with)
  3. Create a list of the ingredients you need (the missing content)
  4. Create a list of tools you need to put everything together, like pans, baking dishes, etc. (software, hardware)
  5. Do your shopping for the missing ingredients (create the missing content or have it created for you)
  6. Pull out your recipes (the structure and components of a product, which varies based on what you’re doing)
  7. Pull out your ingredients
  8. Cook the meal (create your product according to your plan)
  9. Serve the meal (put your products out there … maybe on the Internet. Maybe in print. Maybe as a teleseminar course.)
  10. Get the kudos for a nummee meal and good times (get paid, get people added to your list, get a phone call)

And that, my dear ones, is how creating a product is like putting together a tasty meal for family and friends.

Is it easy? That depends on your skill, just like cooking. 

And, just like cooking that fancy French dish or tasty Moroccan specialty one of your guests said was a fav, it’s do-able. One step at a time!

Let’s get your message into the world!

Big hugs, much love

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