Find more time in your day, Tip #1: read your email ONLY at preset times

Timesaving tip: read your email only at preset timesReading (or, in my case, putzing with) email can suck away your day so quickly your head will spin! Use this approach to handle all that email and you’ll may find that 25th or even 26th hour in your day. And who couldn’t use some time in the day to do things you really want to do, eh?

The big question to ask yourself is: does reading/responding to my email make me money directly OR could it make me money OR is it urgent? If the answer is NO, then it is time to turn off the email and focus on the important things in your world.

Find more time by managing your emailStep-by-step

  1. Pick 2-3 times a day to read and respond to your email
  2. Set a time limit for reading/responding to your email
  3. Only open your email tool at the times you’ve chosen
  4. Set a timer for the length of time you’ve chosen
  5. Prioritize your email so you’re working on the most important stuff first (see Tip #2: prioritize your emails first)
  6. When the amount of time you set is done, turn off whatever tool you use to read your email (on ALL your devices)
  7. Close the window. Turn off your phone. Hide all ways you could read your email.

Your next do-able actions

  1. Pick ONE (and only ONE) time saving tip to work on for 1 week
  2. Share your favorite ways to find more time in your day in the comments below
  3. Help others get more time in their day by sharing this post (Tweet This)


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