Small business owners, get clear on your WHO first

Small Business Tips: Define your WHO firstAh yes, the inevitable decision, eh?

  • WHO am I going to work with?
  • WHO am I going to share my gifts, talents, and energy with?
  • WHO will I create products and services for?
  • WHO is willing to pay me for the transformation I bring?

For so many of us (see my arm waggling in the air?), we skip this ever-so-essential step because it wouldn’t be “nice” to exclude anyone, right?

AND besides that, what we do really would help everyone. And the heart is at war with the bank account.

And I totally get that! I could write a treatise on why this is so important and why NOT doing it damn near destroyed my business and totally zapped my energy.

It is NOT everybody…that I know for a fact.

It is a specific group of people who are desperately waiting for you to reach them with YOUR gifts using YOUR unique energy and words.

When you get clear on this one, it makes everything so much easier. And you’re not excluding anyone…there is, as my dad used to say, “there’s aa butt for every seat.”

Getting clear on your unique “who,” clears the path for someone else to do what they do best. And clears the path for YOU to build your business in a way that serves you and your IDEAL clients.


Step by step processIf you’re stuck, give this a try:

  1. Grab a stack of index cards and a pen
  2. On each card, write down who you DON’T want to work with (yes, there are some!)
  3. On the back of the card, write down the opposite of the trait
  4. Continue until you have a stack of cards and it feels “complete” (at least for now)
  5. Prioritize the cards in order of what you most want, then next, then next.


Make sure one of your cards has “can afford to pay me XXX (insert amount here!) for the transformations I create.” 


Having challenges getting clear on this one?

My clients love the Facilitated Who’s Your Who sessions. You get Kick-A$$ clarity so you quit wasting time and money chasing after folks who really need to work with someone else.

For example, one client insisted she wanted to work with “everybody.” At the end of 45 minutes, she was stunned to find a whole bunch of traits she really wanted and she was able to build her business partnered up with folks who loved what she did, eagerly paid her what her what she’s worth AND left her exhilarated instead of limping to bed, drained to the nubbins.

And if you’re struggling to figure this out, I’ve got the absolutely perfect way to get clarity so you’re off and running with your business (hint: it is amazing how quickly you find it isn’t EVERYBODY.) Let’s get started with a Tame the BizBeasties, Get Kick-Ass Clarity rendezvous and see what we can do!

What happens to YOU when you’re working with someone who isn’t your perfect match? Share in the comments section! 
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