Gravatar How to: Automatically add
your picture to comments you leave on blogs and forums

Example of a default image and a Gravatar imageEver noticed those little squares with pictures in them when you’re checking out the comments on a blog or forum? Those are called avatars … and are a way to keep your brand in front of people wherever you go.

Question: which ones do you tend to notice and, more importantly, remember most?

IUsing Gravatar to build your brand and get more eyeballs on your products and servicesn the sample, the first image is a generic image generated by WordPress for my this website. It’s cute and Arsen is an adored friend and great advocate. AND if he had his picture here, it would be another way to keep his name AND face in front of the people he wants to reach.

The second image is the one I use on all my social media accounts and my website…and it shows up whenever I comment on a post anywhere on the web.

Which one is more likely to help brand you and your products and services and get people thinking “Heckfire, she’s all over the web!”

Why bother with this stuff?

When you’re working to show who you are and how much you know, consistency and recognition are vital, so you might as well take advantage of every opportunity, right? And the more you do these “little” things the more people think you’re a force to be reckoned with. Plus when people see your face, the more likely they’ll be to click the picture, look at what you offer, and connect with you (provided you give them a way to do so).

This may not be the route to a million dollar payday, so take the time each day to do one DO-ABLE step toward creating the business of your dreams.

Think it’s hard and you have to have magic powers to make those pictures show up?

Not true! There is actually a free tool called Gravatar that you can use to get those pictures to show up wherever you leave a comment with an email address you registered with them. once you have an account set up, you can add different email accounts and change the image you use as you grow and change.

To get more visibility when you post your comments

  1. Create a Gravatar account
  2. Enter the email address you use when making comments
  3. Confirm the account (check your inbox for this one)
  4. Attach your image to the email address you used to create your Gravatar account
  5. Use the email you registered with Gravatar whenever you post your comments


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