How to change your WordPress administrator account

In this recipe, you’ll create a new WordPress administrator account, then delete the old “Admin” account so you’re keeping yourself precious property safe!

Note: For those of you who are tech savvy and have no problems with scripts to do this stuff, there is a script you can use which is great when you have multiple accounts. I don’t describe it here because a good majority of folks simply don’t have that background.

Log in to your WordPress site


Select the Users option


Click Add New


Complete the Add New User form


Note: Be sure to select Administrator for the Role so you can do all the stuff you need to do.

Log out of your WordPress site


Log in using your new account name and password


Select the Users option


Select the Admin username


Delete the Admin username

  1. Click the box beside the username to select it
  2. Click Delete

Note: You can just hover over the username to reveal the Delete option. I find that it is safer to actually select the account first so you don’t accidentally delete the wrong account if there are multiples.

Assign any existing posts to another user

  1. From the drop list

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