How to turn your signature into an image

How to to create a graphic signatureMany folks love having their signature as part of their emails, blog posts, proposals, and other information products they create. The question I often get is “how to create one?”

Here are the steps to creating a signature like this that you can use anywhere you can insert an image (graphic):

  1. Open a browser window
  2. Go to MyLiveSignature
  3. Click Start Now
  4. Click Using the signature creation wizard
  5. Type the name you want to use as a signature in the box
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the samples then click Next Step
  7.  Review the font options displayed
  8. If you see one you like, click the box with your name in it
  9. If you don’t like it, click the buttons above the signature samples to go through the different options availableNote: if you like a sample, and aren’t sure whether that is THE one, make a note of the Font number so you can find it again.
  10. Once you have selected the look you like, click Next Step
  11. Review the size options available
  12. When you find the one you like, click the box with your nameNote: I prefer picking something larger and making it smaller so it doesn’t look like a bunch of jaggedy edges (that’s called pixelation by the way)Note 2: You can always make multiple sizes and colors if you like
  13. Scroll to the bottom of the samples then click Next Step
  14. Select the background color you want to use
  15. You can color match to your existing site. (Let me know if you need to do that.)
  16. UNLESS you specifically want a background color (which I don’t recommend except for special cases) use #FFFFFF (the code for White) and Leave the check box on Trasnparent (their typo, not mine)
  17. Select the text color by using the Color Picker OR entering a specific color value
  18. Scroll to the bottom of the samples then click Next Step
  19. Pick the slope you want for your signature
  20. Scroll to the bottom of the samples then click Next Step
  21. Hover your cursor over the final signature
  22. Right-click the mouse button
  23. Select Save Image As (for Chrome and Firefox)

If you want to use your real signature, you could write your signature on a piece of paper using a heavy black marker (like a Sharpie™), then scan it, and use that instead.

Share YOUR tips on how to add this kind of image to YOUR products…and any tips and suggestions you’ve learned along your route to showing the world who you are.

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