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This one has been a toughie for me…images, images everywhere and not a clue on what to do!

It’s took me several years of putzing, playing, testing and screwing up to learn more about image-related stuff. I mean think about it, I started on computer (ish!) stuff in the 70s and believe me, photos and pretties were reserved for those with HUGE budgets and a ton of specialists around to make sure all was jusssssst right.

In fact, the first time I screwed up the courage to do my first teleseminar, it took days and days and DAYS (seriously, I’m not even exaggerating). I was figuring out sizes, and where to find images, and how to resize the buggers and add text to them.

It wasn’t a pretty picture. In fact, at one point a friend found me curled up on the floor of my office crying my eyes out.

Over the course of several years, I taught myself stuff, asked a ton of questions and became obsessive-compulsive about creating a mindmap with resources so I could find them again.

Check out this list (another great way to reuse content.).

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