Is InfusionSoft right for YOU, now? (Audio Version)

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Pop in for a listen to the audio version of this post…it’s a little over 14 mins long and does, so ya know, have some “language” although I was polite and cut back on my normal rant!

Prefer to read? Here ya go…

Click this link for a text version of Is Infusionsoft Right for YOU?

DON’T listen to this article if you don’t want the straight up truth…

…it pisses me off no end to see great people, talented people, YOU, getting swept into

the “OMG, you soooooooo have to have this THANG like right now ‘cuz it will make you a zillion dollars while you sleep and you must buy this instant ‘cuz it will only cost you your firstborn. If you wait, it will cost you $10k/month and another $4 Billion on consulting services to make it work right.”  

Oh, and don’t listen to the audio if you have tender ears!  

This isn’t about InfusionSoft being bad, far from it.

It’s about picking the RIGHT thing for YOU!

What do you need to know to make a decision?

You must stop.

That’s right.


Curb your enthusiasm.

Put your wallet away.

Tell your “OMG there will never be a price this low again natter-voice” to go for a walk on the beach. You’ll be back with ’em soon.

OK. Breathing?


Get out your question-asking light saber and start swinging it in all directions.

The thing you need to know… MUST know… to make the RIGHT decision (for YOU, of course) is what this “thing” will do for you and does that serve your vision, mission, goals, client needs and all the rest!

… ASK.

ASK some more…use this list of questions to get to what’s right for you. It’s a great starting point.

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