Lazy Content Creation for Coaches Who Don’t Like to Blog

Content Creation 4 Ways For Coaches To Easily Create ContentSo you’re a coach. You LOVE coaching. You live to coach and make a difference in the world.

You jump out of bed, ready to tackle the day, when you know you’ve got a coaching appointment on that calendar of yours.

Not so much on the days when you promised yourself, for the bazillionith time, that you were going put some content on that long-neglected blog you started ages ago.

Believe me, I get this one. Deep down, way down, in my tippy toes. I love to problem solve. Coach. Consult.

I can write a multi-thousand page manual.

And writing a damned blog post was like pulling teeth, until I learned a couple of tricks that made me wonder why I neglected 8 (yes, count them, 8!) blogs for so long.

That’s changing (now) and figured you could use a boost too … not fair to keep the ideas for myself, right? Right!

Here are some brain starters for ya:

  1. Take your 3/5/7/(whatever step) coaching process you use with your clients and write a summary of the steps, then expand each step into a blog post of its own
    (If you have a 3 step process, you automatically have 4 posts, if you have a 7 step process, you have 8 posts!)
  2. Write a list of your top 10 most asked questions and your top 10 most UNasked questions and write one blog post answering each question (here’s an example of a Q&A type question to use as food for thought)
    (Now you’ve got at least 20 posts right away because you can combine them in different ways.)
  3. Write a list of your 21 favorite tips you share with your clients, then write a blog post on each tip (see this post series on saving time tackling the inbox for an example )
    (Whoo hoo, 21 posts and I’ll bet you can find even more than 21 tips when you put your mind to it)
  4. Take something you know (I started a series on Pinterest tips and am creating some more as I build the content for my Pinterest123: Plan | Prep | Serve course) and create a series out of it
  5. What else has “parts” you can divvy up and create a separate post for each part?

Want a taste of my favorite “secret sauce?

When you create a series of posts, you automatically have

  • Tweets
  • Facebook posts
  • LinkedIn posts
  • Google+ posts
  • Something you can share on private forums or groups

If you really want to be lazy, start by posting to your blog WITH an image, then tweet, post, and pin to Pinterest!

Geez, how’s that for the legally lazee way out! (Plus did you know that Facebook posts with an image get more attention? Yup, it’s true!)

(Super special ingredient for that secret sauce: when you build your posts this way you also have the beginnings of a product empire since everything you create can be an image, text, a video AND an audio. A 4-fer!)

Go for it! We can do this. Together.

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P.S. OOPS…did I say the “L” word? I meant “efficient.” What WAS I thinking. Giggle! Do pop a comment in the comments section and let me know what you came up with! Inquiring minds wanna know.

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