Pinterest Answers How are other people pinning to my boards?

Pinterest Answers How are people adding pins to my boardsAh, you’ve discovered one of the other features of Pinterest: community boards.

Anyone with a Pinterest account can create a community board with one or more contributors (pinners). That could be

  • you pinning from another account you have (a great way to save yourself some time)
  • specific people you invite to pin
  • your best buddy
  • a great big group of people
  • folks you’re planning an event with
  • people you’re working on a project with
  • …any other reason you can think of

Once you create the community board, or join another one, you’ll see all pins from all the contributors on that board.

Why would you join a community board?

Creating a community board, or joining an existing community board, is a great way to learn more about what others are doing and get your name and information in front of a larger group of people and expand your “reach.” The pins from a community board show up in the stream for all members of the community board.

How can you tell if a board is a “community” board?

Pinterest How to tell a community board from a personal boardWhether it is a board you\\’ve created or a board you’ve joined, you’ll see a little group of people in the right corner of the board (like the one here).


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