Pinterest Answers Why would I want a Business Pinterest account?

Pinterest Answers Why Have A Business AccountGreat question! Especially since there are so many people already using what WERE called “personal” accounts to share products, events and services, eh?

Short answer: if you’re doing anything commercial (that is selling/promoting) on Pinterest, the new Terms of Service (TOS), put in place in Fall 2012, require you to use a Business account.

A bit of background first

When Pinterest was first created, there was only one type of account: Personal. So if you created your account prior to the Fall of 2012, it is a personal account. Some folks (including me) used part of the business name as the “first name” and the rest of the name as “last name.”

When Pinterest introduced business accounts, they changed the approach, including the forms you fill in to create a business account and added a field for the business name, the person who was managing the account and a few other things.

At the moment, you can’t immediately tell whether someone is using a personal or business account…they look the same. AND Pinterest has started sharing information about how to promote your business, business best practices and said there will be more features coming specifically for the business accounts.

Now, what those will be? Who the heck knows AND since you’re doing business, I suggest getting prepared to take advantage of the goodness.

And if you have a business account you’ll be on the list to find out as soon as the features are announced.

Create a new account or convert an existing one?

If you already have a personal account, the big question of the moment is “convert the existing” or “create a new one?”

It depends (yeah, I know, I say that a lot and it’s the truth, there is simply no one-size-fits-all answer to this stuff!).

Here are some questions to help you make the decision

  • Do you have a lot of followers? (If so, you might not want to start the process all over again.)
  • Do you have a lot of personal pins vs. business-based pins? (you may want to start over and have the focus be on business-related information, which doesn’t mean you can’t have personal content on your business account.)
  • Do you have a lot of likes, shares and repins for business-related pins? (you’ll lose those if you create a new account, so in this case converting would be a better solution.)

Whether you choose to convert an existing account, or create a new business account, make sure you have a plan for how you’re going to blend Pinterest in with the rest of your marketing activities.

Saves time. And brain cells!

TIP: make sure you have all the information you need stored in a file so you can cut’n’paste it all and keep on truckin’ with your business stuff (and save those fingertips!).

So, what will YOU do? Create a new business account or convert your existing account? Do share in the comments below!


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