Repurposing: Where is YOUR hidden stash of cash?

Repurpose Your Content By Using What You Already Have On Your Hard DrivesHave ya noticed how much content is needed to get your message into the world. Sometimes it feels like all you have time to do is to write more content…and unless writing is what you LOVE, it seems like it takes you away from the things you love and are good at. There’s a much easier way (although it takes a little research and thinking) that will take you from frustrated to freedom. That’s a good thing, right?

Interview Summary

During this interview, Lana McAra (Rosey Dow) and I discuss how to find content on the two hard drives you have: your mind or your computer. Either you’ve already created something (and have forgotten about it) or you do something soooooo easily you don’t think it could possibly be useful. The fastest way for you to build your bank account and make a kick-ass difference in the world is to combine something you love and something you already know into different types of products and programs: whether it be Facebook posts, blog posts, ebooks, or full-out courses that walk people through your special sauce.

The original interview is about 30 minutes long and the information on finding your hidden stash of cash starts at about minute 3.

Side note: The website mentioned in this recording ( was taken down in a phishing scam. Crud! So now you’ll find the information here on

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Prefer to read? No problem! Here are some of the key points from the interview…

Every person over the age of 10 has a big ole’ bunch of content (your hidden stash) either on the hard drive of your mind or your computer or both.

What you already know and do sooooo easily is the fastest route to finding content you can share with others. If you hate doing it, don’t do that one. AND I promise you, things you do so easily can be absolute magic for others.

When I started down this “promote my stuff on the Internet” road, I was totally overwhelmed. I kept hearing “write a report” or give away “this” and I swore I didn’t have any of that stuff. So I sat on my ass, doing nothing, because I was soooooooo convinced that I didn’t have anything to share. Didn’t know anything others didn’t already know, that I did nothing. NOT smart. And not great for the bank account either. Didn’t think about (and nobody told me) I could have started with some tips or a complimentary session. So simple, when you know about it.

One of the great examples Rosey  gave was how easily she could whip up a meal from ingredients already in a friend’s kitchen. She did it without thought. And her friend was stunned and amazed. There is a potential stash of cash in that knowledge. She took what she  knows for granted and out of our discussion came a whole bunch of ideas for how she could share what she knows and create an additional income stream.

She also asked a great question: how do you start?

Step by step processThe process I use with clients (tweetable)

  1. Get kick-a$$ clear on what you want, no LOVE, to do
  2. Get kick-a$$ clear on who you want to reach and work with
  3. Write a list of things you already know/have (index cards are great
  4. For each item, ask yourself if it raises or lowers your energy (no “thinking”)
  5. Pick the one that gives you the highest boost to as a starting point
  6. [Alternate] Pick the one that is closest to being “done”
  7. Pick ONE thing you like from your list and check on your hard drive for some materials you can use to get started
  8. Shape it into a product you can share with others (the list is almost endless)

One thing I’ve learned, the hard way unfortunately, is there is no “one size fits all” solution. There are ingredients to be mixed together (based on your background, dreams, experiences) and served up in a way that gives YOUR perfect clients a tasty meal. When you follow someone’s blueprint, it probably won’t fit. There will be something that doesn’t feel right. Or something you don’t know how to do.

Yes, it may sound self-serving (I’ve heard that before) AND get yourself a guide compatible with YOU and what YOU need to know and how YOU learn best. (Pick me, pick me!)

I believe 1-on-1 or small group programs with a live component are actually the fastest and, in the long term, least expensive solution.

Believe me, don’t do what I did. It’s expensive. Frustrating. And downright demoralizing. And doesn’t do a damned thing to build your bank account and get your message to those who need it!

Do share where you have a hidden stash of cash in the comments section. I promise you, it’s there!

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