STOP trying to write a book, right now!



If you don’t want to write a book. DON’T. No matter who tells you to write one. For whatever reason. With whatever “blueprint.” Or Process. Or System.

Believe me, if your energy is wrapped up in “gotta get this done even tho’ I sure as hell don’t want to”, that energy is going to be part of the book and you won’t be very happy.

Or if you want to write on another topic first, then do it!

You became a business owner so you could do what you loved, right?

So you could be free to do what you love, right?

Then WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is your current view of the word “book” accurate?

  • Maybe you’ve got the picture that a book has to be some big honkin’ huge “thang” that takes a hundred years to produce, has a gazillion footnotes, and makes the reader’s eyes glaze over when they even think about reading your amazing wisdom.
  • Or you believe you have to be someone special to write a book and you just aren’t that special. (Which, by the way, you most certainly are!)
  • Or you can’t spell well enough.
  • Or you’re don’t know how to get your wisdom packaged up like a real book or one of those new fangled Kindle/Nook/Tablet/Whatever thingies.
  • Or don’t know where to put the commas and your 3rd grade English teacher said you wouldn’t know a semi-colon if it bit you in the ass.
  • Or you don’t have thousands upon thousands of dollars to print copies that will sit in the back corner of your garage.
  • Or <insert your statement here>

So let’s look at this another way, whatcha say? If you really do want to have a book with your name on it, for whatever reason, let’s look at some do-able options.

Other ways to get your wisdom packaged up into a “book”

Yes, it would be fantabulous if we could all be the next author of a Harry Potter series that makes millions and is seen around the world.  I mean think of it! All that mula and adulation and spin off products.


And if that’s what you want to do…sign up for your Tame the ContentBeastie session (one to a Guest please) and let’s grow that bank account and spread your message!!

Now, let’s say that kind of fame isn’t why you want to put your name on the cover of a book.

AND you’ve heard the rumor that having a book establishes credibility and gets your name out there in a bigger way. AND (and this is the biggie) you’re ready to look into the options.

  • What IF your book could be a series of tips you’ve learned along the way to doing what you do?
  • What IF a book isn’t a book in the traditional sense? What if there are sooooooooooo many new definitions because of the new technology available?
  • What IF all the new technology means you can print 1 copy of a book at a time instead of boxes full?
  • What IF your book could be a audio or video series (for those who prefer to talk their message)?
  • What IF you could hire someone to do the writing for you?
  • What IF you could talk your book into being by recording it while you’re chatting with some friends (most phones, computers, and lap0tops these days have a record option)?
  • What IF you could hire folks to take care of all the stuff you don’t know about and still reap the rewards?
  • What IF you could do a series of teensy weensy books focused on a very narrow topic so you don’t overwhelm your often-overwhelmed readers?
  • What IF you could use a low-tech way to get started (index cards are a great way to capture ideas and then organize them different ways) and then get some kiddo who lives, eats, and breathes technology to take care of that for you for the price of a pizza?
  • What IF you could write your content up one way and then use it at least 48 other ways to get the word out?
  • What IF you wrote a book like one I saw one time called “Everything Men Know About Women?” Honestly, it was a book on the shelves at a local bookstore a few years ago and when you opened it, there were nothing except blank pages!
  • What IF…everything you are afraid of has a solution waiting in the wings?

There are many ways to get your message into the world

There are sooooooo many ways to get your message to the world these days and I agree, it CAN be overwhelming. UNTIL you

  • get clear on what you really want to do with your message
  • create a big picture vision
  • identify where your ideal reader hangs out
  • identify how your ideal reader likes to get information (it may surprise you!)
  • put a plan together
  • identify the next DO-ABLE step
  • take one DO-ABLE step, then the next…
  • enlist the help of those who have been there before you

There are many questions to ask yourself to make sure you’re on the right track and here’s a starting point list of them. Don’t let the number of questions discourage you! Take it one question at a time (remember, there is no WRONG answer, only the RIGHT answer, for YOU!)

I would love to help YOU get your message out to those who need what you’ve learned through the School of Hard Knocks, your formal education, your missteps and regrets. So let’s do this? How about we start with a “Tame the ContentBeasties” session to see what’s next for you? My treat!

may your day be igKnighted with passionately powerful possibilities!

Big hugs…MamaRed

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