Mark says “uplifting, unique, captivating”

Testimonial For MamaRed From Mark Hanigan“Two words describe Jerilynne (MamaRed) Knight’s presentation style— uplifting and unique! Whether it be her much-encored presentation Can You Come Out and Play: Winning With Creativity or a presentation tailored to the specifics of your organization, she enthralls her participants, putting your message on target.

Along the way, you laugh, you feel, and you think. But most of all, you are captivated! This is because Jerilynne’s presentation applies to your life as a whole, not just your professional life. Her style sneaks in the thinking while you are smiling. No matter how many creativity and motivational workshops you have attended, you have not attended one like Jerilynne’s unless it was hers—uplifting and unique!”

Mark Hanigan, Proprietor
On the Write Track
Past International President – Society for Technical Communication (STC)
Tampa, Florida  United States

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