Is InfusionSoft right for YOU, now? (Text Version)

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Want to listen instead of read?

Pop over here to listen to the audio. It’s about 14 mins long and does, so ya know, have some “language” although I was polite and cut back on my normal rant!

Heads Up:

DON’T listen to this article if you don’t want the straight up truth…

…it pisses me off no end to see great people, talented people, YOU, getting swept into

the “OMG, you soooooooo have to have this THANG like right now ‘cuz it will make you a zillion dollars while you sleep and you must buy this instant ‘cuz it will only cost you your firstborn. If you wait, it will cost you $10k/month and another $4 Billion on consulting services to make it work right.

Oh, and don’t listen to the audio if you have tender ears!

This isn’t about InfusionSoft being bad, far from it.

It’s about picking the RIGHT thing for YOU!

Now, on to the answer: It depends.

“Whatttttttttttt?” I hear you saying, “that’s your answer?


Yup…that’s my only answer when I don’t know what you’re up to, how techie you are, what your business is like, what’s easy for you, what’s hard and a whole bunch of other questions.

Now, before someone jumps my case and tells me how ffin’ wonderful InfusionSoft is and how could you possibly ask that question when it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread and I’m making thousands a month with it.

I didn’t say it was wrong.

I didn’t say you weren’t making money with it (although I will say it is the automation and systematizing that is generating the income, a tool’s just a tool after all).

I didn’t say it was bad.   I said “Is it right for YOU? For YOUR business?”

OK, we kewl? Kewl! Let’s take a look at how you figure this out and make the best choice.

For YOU.

Oh, and by the way, this is the same approach to take for ANY tool you’re looking to rent or buy or any program you’re thinking about attending.

The absotively worst way to go about this is asking a friend, co-worker or someone on a forum or at an event where everyone is charged up, high on positive energy.

Not that they’re bad. Or wrong. Or screwed up and trying to throw you under the bus.

They like what they like and are gonna share the good news. The only reason I picked InfusionSoft for this example is because I see so many wonderful business owners getting sucked into it before they’re ready for it.

I personally know of a dozen people who spent over $10K on it, then had to abandon it because they just couldn’t handle the complexity and the payments. Several now have other tools that are in their budget and doing the job and saving them several hundred bucks a month.

Why listen to what I’m saying?

Fantabulous question … and a good one to ask. That’s the start of getting what’s right, for YOU!

I started with what most wouldn’t even consider a computer  (a big honkin’ accounting machine) in the 70s and from there seemed to end up in jobs where understanding and explaining techie stuff fell in my lap.

From the accounting machine to mainframes with green screens (yup, I’m that old) to desktop computers for executives to word processors for the women doing the bulk of the work on computers to using Skype to talk to people on the other side of the world.

From the 70s til about ’86 I was stuck using whatever tools and technology the biggie whiggies or techno-nerds thought we SHOULD use (forget whether it was the right tool for the job at hand…most of ’em didn’t even know what that was!).

Day in and day out I questioned:

Why this? What about? Why won’t it do? What if?

Definitely wasn’t news that I questioned everything (ask my parents and teachers…I’ve been that way since day 1). Drove people ’round the bend and back again.

Been at this a LONG time

Eons ago (ok, only in about 1986) I was shifting careers from working for a big IT consulting firm to working for an analyst for Xerox Corporation. All this “why are using this tool when it wasn’t meant to do this” stuff came to a boil when I moved from being a consultant with a big IT company to Xerox Corporation.

Xerox had this desktop publishing tool specifically designed for long docs (think manuals, training guides and the like, which I had been writing and cursing over for years). Neat. Great features. Kewl stuff nothing else on the market was doing.

Except for one thing.

PageMaker had the run of the market and everyone and their brother thought it was the cat’s meow.

I literally had a guy argue with me…no lie, ARGUE…that he didn’t need that ‘cuz his buddy down the street was using PageMaker and he was sure it would work.

Only one slighhhhhhhhhtttttttt issue:

His buddy was doing one page flyers, newsletters and the like. This guy was creating manuals for electronic gear which ran in the multi-hundred pages.

One size does NOT fit all…you’re unique, right?

I realized, in that very moment, that we really need to ask the right questions and get what works for OUR business.

If we don’t, it’s pretty much like getting one of those one-size-fits-all t-shirts that don’t fit most of us, although the hype sure sounds good. Pretty much sucks when we get it home, go to put it on and voila…it covers our pinky finger.

Not a pretty picture, eh?

And the exact same thing is happening to tens of thousands of business owners around the world.

It makes me mad.

It makes me see red.

It makes my Irish temper go off like a rocket. (And yes,I’ve bought into the hype and bullshit more times than I care to admit to! Which is why I’m so adamant about you asking the RIGHT questions.

You deserve the best.

Not to end up in a puddle on the floor thinking you’re pond scum on the bottom of the pond scum!

What do you need to know to make a decision?

You must stop.

That’s right.


Curb your enthusiasm.

Put your wallet away.

Tell your “OMG there will never be a price this low again natter-voice” to go for a walk on the beach. You’ll be back with ’em soon.

OK. Breathing?


Get out your question-asking light saber and start swinging it in all directions.

The thing you need to know… MUST know… to make the RIGHT decision (for YOU, of course) is what this “thing” will do for you and does that serve your vision, mission, goals, client needs and all the rest!

… ASK.

ASK some more…use this list of questions to get to what’s right for you. It’s a great starting point.

Go ahead, click that cute pic and see what happens!

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