Tools for counting characters and words

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Lordy, seems like ya need to have a degree in math to get stuff out on the Internet, eh? Twitter says “no more than 140 characters” and, in fact, it’s actually wiser to use no more than 100-120 so people can share (retweet) the goodies you’re putting out there.

All sorts of recent studies indicate the most read Facebook posts are 80 characters (or  less, eek!).

Many blogs that allow guest posts have a minimum and sometimes a maximum word count.

Folks running telesummits often want a bio of 100 characters or less.

And on it goes.

I don’t know ’bout you and sitting there counting characters and words gives me a headache. So I went looking for some online tools to do that counting for us.

Check out this list and pick the one that works best for you…heck, some of them even have an app for Firefox or Chrome. Talk about convenient, eh?

Have a favorite suggestion? Click that “Add to List” button and add away. The more the merrier!

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