Business Strategy Question #01: What is the RIGHT first question to ask to build your business?

Question #1/10

And here is a list of the entire 10-question series (in case you want the big picture view)!

I definitely recommend answering them in this order since each one builds on the others and it helps you get more clarity.

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Day in and day out, I get to hang out with amazing people who having amazing messages and amazing gifts to share with the world. And they now have the courage to share that message and themselves with the world by becoming a business owner.

What IS the right question to ask FIRST?

The rub?

They’re stuck.

They’re unclear. They’re confused

AND they’re asking the wrong questions because they’re listening to all the crap about

  • “you must do this” or
  • “you must use that tool” or
  • “you have to have video darlin or you’re just not with it and you’ll never make any money” or
  • …fill in the blank here for more “shoulds” that will drive you to drink, to despair or an early grave!

Screw all those “shoulds” and “ought tos” and start with the right question first.

And what is that “RIGHT” question?

The RIGHT question to ask FIRSTThe right question is what do YOU want out of this endeavor of yours.

Yup, that’s the first one to answer.

And although it may sound simple, I’ve found that it usually isn’t easy.

And it IS do-able!

There’s a lot more questions that pop up to be answered after that one question is asked!

Which is why all my coaching and consulting clients get asked this question first and we take as much time as we need to get a crystal clear picture of perfection, for them.

So you can ask yourself the same questions (after you realize the first one is what do YOU want)

  • what juices you up
  • what brings you joy
  • what lights a fire under your ass
  • what fits perfectly with YOUR vision of YOUR world
  • what takes advantage of all YOUR strengths and unique gifts
  • what matches YOUR passions
  • what gets you going, and keeps you going, when everyone and everything seems to be against you

What I want for YOU

You see, my mission is to

Get YOUR voice heard.

YOUR message shared.

YOUR world transformed.

And that just doesn’t happen until you know YOU.

Talk to me!

So tell me, in the comments below, what is YOUR answer to this question? AND, if you haven’t asked yourself that question, what happens when you DO?

Do you get more clarity?

Do you find yourself ready to drop stuff you don’t like (that’s ever so grand darlin, whoo hoo!)?

Do you find yourself wanting to do something completely different now that you’ve been honest with you and you’ve stopped listening to the “gooruu bullshit?” Excellent, that’s also grand news!

We can do this. Together. You’d be amazed how much changes with a single rendezvous…and how much money, time and headaches you’ll save!

To YOUR success…

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P.S. Now it’s time for Question #2: Who are YOU?

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